A mobile IDE to create apps and scripts right on your mobile device
Touch IDE is a touch-optimized, mobile-friendly development environment. Its programming language is easy to use and doesn't require tedious keyboard input. You can create and run your scripts on your mobile device without using a PC. The scripts are converted to pure HTML/JavaScript-based applications in the background and are therefore executed on your device immediately, without further compilation.
Getting started
Create a new free account or login with an existing account.
Create a new script and start coding.
Execute the script right at your fingertips.
Get the app
Touch IDE is also available for Ubuntu Touch.

If you create apps on your Ubuntu Touch device, you can sync them with the cloud. Start developing on your smartphone, continue in the browser and finish on the smartphone again - it's flawless and awesome!

Code what you want

Create while- and for loops, if conditions and much more - like in any other programming language.

Access the camera, get the device orientation, get gps location and much more - with only a few commands.

Create structured and typed classes and use them to store more complex data.

Use the local storage of your device and store and get persistent data.

Get responses from REST services and other web resources. Parse json data and display them on the screen.

Sync your scripts across the app and your browser. Start on your phone, continue in the browser and finish on the phone again.
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